d  le servers. All client processes run invisibly, and users are prevented from
changing the security settings.

G Data AntiVirus Business

G Data AntiVirus BUSINESS offers your company centrally managed virus protection. The Management Server controls all clients on desktops, notebooks and file servers. All client processes run invisibly, and users are prevented from changing the security settings.


Award-Winning Technology

  •  DoubleScan: Award-winning virus detection using two
  •  virus scanning engines
  •  OutbreakShield - Instant protection against new viruses.
  •  Blocks infected emails just minutes after virus outbreaks
  •  OutbreakShield with DoubleScan technology adds up to
  •  three protective shields
  •  Integrated Rootkit Blocker
  •  Special utility to uncloak rootkits
  •  Scans all compressed file and archive formats.
  •  Secure protection from viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware,
  •  dialers, Trojans, etc.
  •  Enhanced protection against dialers, spyware, adware and
  •  other riskware
  •  Heuristic detection of unknown viruses

G Data AntiVirus ManagementServer

  •      Installation, virus scans, updates, settings and reports are
         all remotely controlled on the network (LAN/WAN) via
  •      Even easier to manage
  •      Automatically downloads and distributes updates
  •      Freely definable client grouping and settings
  •      Virus alert via pop-up window or email
  •      Centrally managed quarantine function
  •      Collect jobs for clients when offline
  •      Creation of client installation packs

G Data AntiVirus Client

  •      Client protection runs “cloaked” from users in the background
  •      Email virus blockers for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla
         and many other email clients (POP3/IMAP)
  •      OutbreakShield: client-faced immediate protection against
         new virus attacks (POP3/IMAP)
  •      Fully functional when used offline
  •      Run any local scan jobs
  •      Manual selection of automatic update and periodic
         deactivation of the virus monitor possible

G Data Premium Support

  •      Hourly automatic signature updates
  •      Free software updates
  •      AVK InternetAmbulance
  •      Compatible with all versions of Windows, including windows 7    


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Services for Home and Business

  • Virus and Spyware Repairs and Removal
  • Internet Security and Antivirus solutions
  • Laptop Slow or Desktop Computer slow - we can speed up your PC
  • Internet not working repair - wireless, cable/adsl, Browser Issues
  • Email not working - Outlook, Live and web email
  • Computer not booting to windows repair
  • Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and IOS repair services, support services including data recovery, sync issues, wifi and general setup and configuration
  • Laptop and Desktop PC not turning on
  • Backup Systems - setup external hard drives, cloud backup
  • Data Recovery - USB Hard Disk Drives, USB Flash drive data recovery
  • DIY PC and Gaming Computer assistance, diagnostics and complete system builds, even using your own supplied components
  • Web Services - Website Building, Domain Registrations, Hosting, Email and Cloud Applications / Apps
  • and more