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    All manufacturers supported: Apple, HP, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Fujitsu, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, D-Link, Netgear, Microsoft, Ubuntu, Steam, Alienware, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, nVidia and more. Operating Systems supported by PC Medic are Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Apple OS X, Apple IOS, Android, Chrome OS and even Ubuntu. Free quotes Available. Apple and PC computer repairs, same day available. For a fast, economical computer repair or laptop repair, come and see PC Medic Melbourne, no booking required. No Fix No Fee applies for all software repairs. All jobs are backed by a 60 day warranty for our services! Reviews are conducted of our suppliers regularly to ensure the highest quality parts are used. The very best service is assured at PC Melbourne.

    Computer Repairs Melbourne to all Major Brands. Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo and more.

    • Laptops

      Your laptop or notebook computer will be in safe hands with PC Medic, be it Apple or PC. Our Service Centre in Ringwood, Melbourne, are state of the art, modern and well equipped with all the most common parts for a prompt repair.

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      At PC Medic, we love the good old desktop computer. They are robust and fast to repair. PC Medic can fix your desktop or tower PC fast. We only use the highest quality components to ensure your PC runs smoothly.

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      Virus Removal

      Be it Windows or Mac, both can get viruses and PC Medic is ready to tackle any Virus or Spyware problem you get. We will also ensure your computer remains secure with the latest updates and protection.

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    • Apple Repairs

      Keeping your Apple computer running smoothly is what we do. Cracked Screens, Power Issues, Liquid Spills and more. Not powering on, no problem! MacOS Sierra and El Capitan problems fixed promptly.

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      Data Recovery

      PC Medic are the professionals at Data Recovery for PC & Laptops, Apple or Windows, ipads or phones, USB Flash drives and USB External Hard Disk Drives. Photo Data Recovery, Document Data Recovery Reviews and more.

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      Having access to fast and reliable Internet is of most importance, so if your Internet speed is slow, unreliable or you just can’t connect to the Internet, be sure to contact us to get back up and running fast.

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    • Laptop not turning on - laptop, notebook or netbook power issues are usually easy to resolve once diagnosed. Power problems can be caused by a faulty DC Jack, a faulty cable on the AC Adapter or the motherboard could be faulty. PC Medic repairs all laptop power issues.
    • Laptop Overheating - if your laptop, notebook, netbook or Macbook is overheating, PC Medic can provide a fast repair. The problem can be caused by a faulty fan, a fan or heatsink clogged with dust or simply applications or a virus causing your system CPU to work overtime.
    • Slow Laptop - A slow computer can be very frustrating. Causes of a slow laptop, PC or Macbook, can be a virus, faulty or dusty fan, faulty HDD (Hard Disk Drive), not enough RAM or other resources. PC Medic can provide a fix for all slow computer issues for Apple or PC.
    • Laptop not booting - if your Apple or PC, Windows or OSX computer is not turning or or not booting to the desktop/Windows, it is more than likely there is a hardware related issue. On some occasions software can cause a computer to not be bootable.
    • Macbook Pro Liquid Spill Repair - Apple Macbook Pro laptops are excellent computers, its best to keep any liquids right away for its safety. If you spill liquid on your Macbook, usually resulting on liquid damage to the Macbook Keyboard and Trackpad, be sure to turn it off immediately and bring it to PC Medic for repair.
    • Apple Macbook screen faulty - If your screen has no display or it is distorted. This could be a faulty video cable, bad connection, cracked LCD panel or faulty screen
    • Laptop has load fan noise - this can be resolved at PC Medic. A few issues can cause this, dust and dirt build up, a faulty fan or simply your system cpu is working hard.
    • Laptop Virus Infection - If your Windows PC or Apple Macbook is going slow, has popup messages from your browser or taskbar, there is a good chance your laptop computer has a virus infection or spyware infection. Virus Removal is our specialty at PC Medic. PC Medic removes viruses on a daily basis so we are always up to date on the latest virus threats. Virus Removal is Easy at PC Medic.
    • Laptop cracked screen - cracked screens are easily repaired at PC Medic. Laptops often are dropped and the result is usually a cracked screen. Laptops with a cracked display panel are repaired fast at PC Medic. We carry all major computer brands screens such as HP, Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Chromebooks and more.
    PC Desktops & Gaming PC's
    • PC Not turning on - When you computer fails to turn on, it could be the result of many issues. Faulty HDD (Hard Disk Drive), Faulty PSU, Faulty Motherboard, Faulty RAM, Connection Issue or even Over Heating of the CPU. PC Medic can fix any computer power problem, computer not turning on issue fast.
    • iMac display not working - when your Apple iMac display isn't working, PC Medic can provide a fast repair, sometimes same day. PC Medic also repairs cracked glass on iMac screens.
    • Desktop Computer overheating - its quite common for a desktop computer to have overheating issues. Usually the computer starts running slower, you will often notice the computer fans running faster and harder attempting to keep your processor cool.
    • Windows Virus - Are you getting advertising popup windows or messages for advertising? Are you being prompted to purchase software to fix the virus infection? Constant pop up advertising is a sure sign you have a virus or adware infection. Virus removal is our specialty here at PC Medic.
    • Hard Drive Noisy - If your hard drive is noisy, it could be faulty. Be sure you have current backups just in case. If you drive is faulty, PC Medic can do Data Recovery on your computer, Apple or PC, iMac, Windows or OSX. We can all data, including: Photo Recovery, Document Recovery, Office Document Recovery, Email Recovery, External Hard Drive Recovery.
    • Slow Desktop Computer - Speed issues are common with all computers. Slow computer issues can be caused by lack or resources like RAM, Drive storage, to many applications installed, poorly managed internet security software, faulty hardware and more. Same day repairs are available to fix slow computers.
    External Backup Drive and NAS (Network Attached Storage) issues
    • Backup drive not detected when plugged in - If you have an External Backup Hard Drive and it is no longer being detected, test it on another computer. If it still doesn't work, bring it to PC Medic. USB External Drives are commonly used for backups but sometimes it is the only copy of all your data. PC Medic can recover successfully data from external USB Drives, USB Hard Disk Drives, Portable Drives and more.
    • USB Flash Drive, USB Memory Stick or USB Drive faulty - portable USB Flash drives are great for storing data, but often they do fail. Almost always this is a hardware issue and you will need professional data recovery. PC Medic can recover your USB Flash drive, USB Memory Stick and USB Portable drives data, including recovery of documents, recovery or photos, recovery of video and more.
    • Network Attached Storage NAS problem - if your NAS is not being detected on the network it could be as simple as a networking issue, however you could have a faulty NAS and require data recovery. PC Medic can recover data from any NAS. We can recover from any RAID volume, be it striped, mirrored, RAID 5 or a mix.
    Apple Macbook issues
    • Macbook Pro not turning on - power problems, like your Macbook Pro not turning on, can be caused by multiple problems. It could be as simple as your AC adapter is faulty or more serious such as the Magsafe Jack faulty, Logic board is faulty, faulty hard drive or your Apple Macbook Keyboard could be damaged from a liquid spill. All these problems can be fixed at PC Medic
    • Macbook cracked glass or cracked screen - cracked Macbook Pro glass or Macbook glass is not the end of your Macbook. PC Medic can replace this glass promptly to get you back up and running fast. Macbook cracked screen or cracked LCD panels can be fixed easily at PC Medic.
    • Macbook not booting - quite common with any laptop is booting issues. A Macbook that will not boot Apple OSX can be repaired fast. PC Medic will do comprehensive diagnostics on your Macbook to find the fault. PC Medic are the experts when it comes to Apple Repairs.
    • Macbook Pro faulty keyboard replacement - when you keyboard is not responding, has had a liquid spill and needs repair or replacement, PC Medic can do same day keyboard replacement. If your Macbook has missing keys, we can replace them fast.
    Apple iPad problems
    • iPad cracked screen - lines through your iPad screen or if the screen / display is not working at all could be a sign your iPad screen is cracked. PC Medic can replace your iPad screen fast. Same day is available.
    • iPad cracked digitizer - lines through your iPad touch digitizer would almost certainly mean it has cracked. If your iPad digitizer is not responding to finger movements, it could be faulty and need the digitizer replaced. PC Medic can replace your iPad digitizer fast. Same day is available.
    • iPad data lost - there are occasions where you haven't used iCloud and you need your data back off your faulty iPad. PC Medic can do iPad photo recovery, iPad contact list recovery, iPad data recovery in general.
    • iPad will not charge - a common problem with iPads is charging issues. PC Medic can diagnose the iPad charging fault fast. iPad charging issues can often be caused by multiple issues such as: Faulty dock connection, faulty iPad battery, faulty iPad logic board, faulty iPad cable and more. Your iPad may not even turn on. Be sure to get your iPad to PC Medic as quick as possible for a speedy repair.
    Virus Infections
    • Pop up advertising - while not always caused by a virus, a large amount of pop up advertising is often the result of a virus or spyware infection. Often the pop up advertising is promoting some kind of internet security software, speed up my computer software or tool and often will lock you out from your computer. Current High Risk threats that PC Medic can remove are CryptoWall and CryptoLock viruses.
    • Slow Computer - When customers say they have a slow computer, one item on our diagnostic check list is always to look for a virus. Viruses can slow your computer down to a crawl. Virus removal is performed on a hourly basis at PC Medic so we are fully aware of almost every virus that is out there.
    • Spyware and Malware infections - spyware and malware infections are nasty and can result in your personal information being transmitted to thieves. If you suspect you have a Spyware or Malware infection, do not use your computer for banking or any other use that requires the entering of passwords or personal information. You are best to turn off your computer and get PC Medic to remove/clean the malware or spyware infection fast.
    Easy Melbourne Eastern Suburbs IT Services
    • PC Medic Ringwood is located within walking distance from Eastland Shopping Centre, Costco, Ringwood RSL and only metres from the Ringwood Train Station. You or your business can get easy and fast walk in computer, laptop, Apple or Windows PC repairs. PC Medic also are the experts at Data Recovery on Photos, Data Recovery on laptops, desktops, iPads and Phones is easy at PC Medic. We are located close to major suburbs; Mitcham, Nunawading, Vermont, Wantirna, Wantirna South, Rowville, Wheelers Hill, Box Hill, Doncaster, Templestowe, Balwyn, Bulleen, Croydon, Bayswater, Boronia, Scoresby, Ferntree Gully, Burwood, Blackburn, Blackburn South, Chirnside Park, Warranwood, Warrandyte, Yarra Valley districts, Lilydale, Mt Evelyn and surrounds.