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PC Medic is expanding to provide a select group of IT Professionals and Businesses to form a trade partnership with us to provide first class services to our clients. Our marketplace allows customers to easily and securely purchase multiple service providers offerings in one easy transaction. No fuss. Your business is rewarded with new business with little to no effort to procure.

  • Onsite Computer / IT Services
  • Data Recovery Experts
  • Laptop, Desktop and Tablet Repairs for Apple and PC’s
  • Phone and Tablet Repairs
  • Networking – Wireless and Wired Solutions
  • Data Security – Backup, Protection (Virus protection/removal)
  • Business IT Services – Various roles. Server, Desktop support.
  • Website/Cloud – Programmers, App Developers, VPS experts
  • VOIP & Soft PBX experts. 3CX, Asterisk.
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Approval process
A few checks to verify you and your business. We'll call you to discuss and obtain more details if required.
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Setup time
Once approved, we'll let you loose on your very own dashboard to configure your store and services. You can start selling your services immediately.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answer to common questions about being a Service Provider on PC Medic
What services can I sell?
Is your service computer or IT related? There is a fair chance you can sell it on the PC Medic website. The service must be specific with typically a fixed price or a fixed price with options/price modifiers. This can include, but not limited to: Field IT/Computer Services, Computer and other electronic computer device repairs, Data Recovery, Website and Cloud Server related services and more. If you are not sure, use our contact page to ask.
How does my business get paid?
We offer a no stress way to get paid. On your seller dashboard you can configure your Paypal or Stripe account details and when a customer purchases your service, you get the funds directly minus our fixed and/or commission amount. So you get paid immediately. Note, there maybe delays with in Paypal or Stripe that are beyond control, please check with the payment processors to confirm your payment time frame from them.
Who is responsible for refunds and chargebacks?
Since your business will be the primary receiver of the funds (The primary transaction is between you and the customer and PC Medic is the the provider of the Marketplace service), you are responsible for any chargebacks or refunds. However, if you ensure you provide a first class service to customers, this scenario is unlikely.
What are the fees?
Fees are worked out on a per business partner basis. This is because each service business in IT is unique and we want to ensure we have a fair fee structure for both your business and ours. If we approve your PC Medic marketplace application, we’ll contact you to discuss further your pricing structure and how it can be integrated into our system.

The fee typically is commission percentage based and may include also fixed fee or both. The commission and/or fixed fee will be provided after the application has been made and approved. If your business already has an agreement or partnership with us, we will usually continue this fee structure as agreed. You are free to choose your own pricing for your services on our site (where reasonable) to ensure you get a fair price for your efforts.

Application Form
Application Form
Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. Where you can't provide information at the time of application, you can provide these details later.
Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. Where you can't provide information at the time of application, you can provide these details later.