• iPhone 11 the not so Modular and Repairable phone

    Another month and a another round of new mobile phone announcements and we are not even half way into September! Every month of every year there seems to be newer and (disputably) better featured phones hitting the market. It could even be world wide that a 100 new designs hit the market each month. Most […]

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    Tech vs Wild: Take Your Tech Further Than Ever Before

    Planning a trip abroad? Or just wanting that failsafe option to keep your devices on the go? These add-ons and accessories will help you get in touch with your adventurous side, whilst meeting your technology needs. Trekking both locally and internationally have become increasingly more popular in more recent times. While that used to mean either leaving […]

  • Backing Up Part 2: Keeping it at home – Local Backup

    As the name suggests, local backup means that the data is stored locally. This means making use of some form of external storage device, such as an external hard drive or NAS (Network-attached Storage). The positive of using a local backup is that you are in control of the data. You aren’t relying on another company holding it for you, and you don’t need to rely on being online all of the time. The most basic way to backup data is to plug in an external USB hard drive and manually copy the data across. This is a lot of work though, and it’s very easy to forget or just start telling yourself that you’ll “do it next week”. Many external drives these days come with automatic software preinstalled on them, which you can utilise to automate the backup process. They are often proprietary pieces of software which all work a little differently (and possibly not exactly the way you want), but they’ll do the job if needed. You can also use the software built into the computer’s operating system to do

  • Apple has unleashed a teardown robot! Meet Liam

    Overnight the new iPhone 6 SE was released, a mini iPhone just like your old pre 6 phone, nothing too exciting but a welcome addition for a lot of Apple fans out there. A new, smaller iPad Pro, not so exciting but a good idea considering the original iPad pro is just far too large […]

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 2 – Fashionable Shades and Augmented Reality

    The recent rise in wrist-based wearable technology (as described in Part 1 of our series on Wearable Technology) perfectly demonstrates how tech can be easily and non-obtrusively integrated into everyday objects such as what we wear. However wearable technology is certainly not limited to wristwear, as the potential designs are quite exciting and could vastly improve our interactions with technology. An example of wearable tech that could have a wide range of applications are Heads Up Displays.

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 1 – Digitising Your Fitness

    As technology becomes much faster, smaller, cheaper, and power efficient; the possibilities for it’s integration into our lives increases exponentially. This principle has certainly applied in regards to making innovative technology wearable on a consumer level, developing from science fiction-like ideas, pipe dreams and prototypes, to a reality. This article is the first part in a series on Wearable Technology; first up – keeping updated and maintaining your fitness at the same time.