The Future

  • Electric Busses

    Electric Buses – Saving The Planet On The Daily Commute

    Electric Cars are predicted to take over the roads in the near future. Charging times are decreasing, while the range between charges is increasing. While many people are familiar with cars like the Tesla, why not buses? Transport in the future will rely heavily on tech to the point that traditional car, bus and truck […]

  • Apple has almost finished building a space ship

    So, the title is far fetched, but Apple are building something big. Massive one would say. Its their new HQ, known as Apple Campus 2. Its referred to as ‘the spaceship’ due to its large doughnut shaped structure and large impact its made on the landscape. Here is some of the more notable features known […]

  • 3D Printing Future

    The Modern Maker – High Tech Local Manufacturing

    We thought we would cover a topic not directly related to computers and software, but one that is more about a revolution that is taking place in manufacturing. We are talking about game changing technologies that are now priced so low that almost anyone can start a micro factory in their own home. The new […]

  • Choosing a web browser in 2016 – more choices than ever

    Whether you’re on your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or even TV; there are a variety of browsers at your fingertips which serve as your portal to the internet and all that it holds – even this article which you’re reading right now. Whilst the selection of browsers available on different platforms is wide, with multiple […]

  • Tesla PowerWall – Run Your Home on a Battery

    The acclaimed electric car manufacturer Tesla – founded by wildly successful entrepreneur Elon Musk – has recently released their latest development; not for the road, but for the home – the Tesla PowerWall. Here at PC Medic, we’re huge fans of Tesla and the ideal they are trying to achieve – high performance devices such as […]

  • Apple has unleashed a teardown robot! Meet Liam

    Overnight the new iPhone 6 SE was released, a mini iPhone just like your old pre 6 phone, nothing too exciting but a welcome addition for a lot of Apple fans out there. A new, smaller iPad Pro, not so exciting but a good idea considering the original iPad pro is just far too large […]

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 3 – Creative Clothing

    As we wrap up our series on the rise and shear potential of wearable technology – from staying fit to changing the way we may interpret reality; soon even our clothing could soon do so much more in little or huge ways in both practical and fashionable ways. Whilst these new and near future innovations may seem to be something from […]

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 2 – Fashionable Shades and Augmented Reality

    The recent rise in wrist-based wearable technology (as described in Part 1 of our series on Wearable Technology) perfectly demonstrates how tech can be easily and non-obtrusively integrated into everyday objects such as what we wear. However wearable technology is certainly not limited to wristwear, as the potential designs are quite exciting and could vastly improve our interactions with technology. An example of wearable tech that could have a wide range of applications are Heads Up Displays.

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 1 – Digitising Your Fitness

    As technology becomes much faster, smaller, cheaper, and power efficient; the possibilities for it’s integration into our lives increases exponentially. This principle has certainly applied in regards to making innovative technology wearable on a consumer level, developing from science fiction-like ideas, pipe dreams and prototypes, to a reality. This article is the first part in a series on Wearable Technology; first up – keeping updated and maintaining your fitness at the same time.