Data Recovery Melbourne

HDD Recovery
Laptop and Desktop Data Recovery of Photos and Files for Apple Macbook, iMac and Windows PC's.
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Laptop and Desktop Hard Drive Recovery. Apple or PC.

Apple Macbook, iMac and PC Microsoft Laptops & desktops Data Recovery.

  • Hard drives with clicking and clunking noises recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive Recovery
  • Desktop Hard Drive Recovery
  • External USB Hard Drives recovered
  • USB Thumb/Flash drives recovered. Damaged / snapped USB connections, we can still recover.
  • Full refund provided where data recovery is not successful
  • Recovered files provided to you fast with a secure private download link. Get your recovered data/files/pictures fast, no need to wait for the post.

Data Recovery for Apple iPhone, Android Phones & iPads, Tablets. Made easy.

Nextcloud provides secure anywhere data access, file and folder sharing, contacts, calendars and more from your browser and devices.

  • Dropped or damaged your iPhone, Android phone and required data, in most situations the data can be recovered.
  • iPhone or Android phones where water/liquid damaged and no longer turn on, recovery options are still available.
  • If the data can’t be recovered, a full refund is provided for the recovery service fee. Hardware repairs and service fee still applies where purchased and required.
  • A free 30 day Nextcloud private cloud server is included so you can download the recovered data, no waiting for the post to arrive. Speedy access to your recovered data paramount
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iPhone, Android and Tablet/iPad Data Recovery Service
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Photo Data Recovery Service
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Photo Recovery for Apple iPhone, Android Phones, Macbook and PC.

Can't access your photos from that backup drive? Damaged your phone with your holiday pics, family photos and need them back. Prompt, Safe and Reliable photo recovery is available.

  • Photo Recovery can be provided for iPhone, Android phones, tablets, iPads, laptops and desktop PCs.
  • iPhone, where damaged, there is a good chance the photos can be recovered.
  • Android phones, damaged by being dropped, smashed, liquid/water damaged, data can usually be recovered.
  • Full refund where data recovery has been unsuccessful.
  • Fast access to your data with a secure private download link.

Data Recovery Made Easy

Phone Recovery for
Apple iPhone, Google Pixel & Nexus, Sony Xperia, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung and more.
HDD Recovery on
Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi HGST, Apple, Lacie, Synology NAS, Thecus NAS and all other brands.
Money Back Service
The recovery service fee is refundable where data recovery is not successful.
Camera Memory Cards
We can recover photos. Photo recovery from SD, Compact Flash, Sony Memory Sticks, XD Memory cards. PC Medic can recover the your pictures safely
Network Attached Storage
Recovery of RAID 0, 1 RAID 1/0, RAID 5, RAID10 and other specialised RAID configurations (including software RAID recovery). NAS/Network Attached Storage Recovery.
Apple Data Recovery
Macbook Pro, iMac, iPhones, iPad, Time Machine drives. Even liquid spilt on your Apple hardware, solutions are available.

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