Nextcloud Hosting Australia

Nextcloud, a safe and reliable home in the cloud for your business and personal data. Your server can be setup in 5 minutes or less!

Nextcloud provides secure anywhere data access, file and folder sharing, contacts, calendars and more from your browser and devices.

  • A cloud just for you or your organisation
  • Control your data just the way you want, your rules and not that of larger shared proprietary cloud storage providers
  • Flexibility – you can add features and remove feature as you wish.
  • Connect external storage, supporting Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, FTP, even your own NAS drive at your workplace or home and more.
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Safe and Reliable place for all your data
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Safe and Reliable place for all your data
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Security first approach

Developers of Nextcloud put security first. Protection of your data paramount. Nextcloud is entirely open source and therefore all the code is available for inspection and a high level of scrutiny. Multiple layers of protection are available.

  • Default Security – not sure what security options to use, the defaults with no configuration are secure to get started
  • Single Sign On (SSO) and SAML supported
  • Two-Factor Authentication can be configured easily
  • LDAP and Active Directory support with installation wizard
  • You retail full control of permissions, File Access Control
  • Event Logging / User Activity Logging
  • Data Retention
  • Data Encryption

Mobile Apps and a Desktop Client

Access your data and upload/sync data on your Apple IOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Apple Mac devices. Native apps and clients are available.

  • Travel a lot? With Android and IOS Apps you can access, upload, share, sync on the go, securely and with ease.
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps can keep your important data in sync for worry free backup and storage
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Desktop and Mobile Clients making it easy
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And a whole lot more!

Calendar and Contacts
The Calendar and Contacts apps in Nextcloud provide all Nextcloud users a single place to store, sync and share your schedule and contacts. Continue using the apps you love for contacts and calendaring, all popular apps supported.
Anti-Virus Scanning
Use the Anti-virus Nextcloud app to add another layer of data protection and security.
Make it yours
Customise the Login screen with your company logo along with a neat background image.  Built in easy to use theming tools to adjust the colour scheme and more.
Powerful Logging
Need to log user activity? Is quality control and compliance in your business important when it comes to who did what with data? Nextcloud should not disappoint.
Easy to use
Easy to use interface where users can set favourite files, do full text searches of main document types (PDF, Docs,TXT), set tags, move files and folders, share and more.
Sharing Control
Control with precision who can share internal, externally or neither. Control shares across multiple Nextcloud servers.