Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery


Laptop and Desktop Hard Drive Recovery. Apple or PC.

Service by PC Medic


Recovery of laptop, desktop, USB and other External Hard Drives

  • Full refund provided where data recovery is not successful
  • Hard drives with clicking and clunking noises recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive Recovery
  • Desktop Hard Drive Recovery
  • External USB Hard Drives recovered
  • USB Thumb/Flash drives recovered. Damaged / snapped USB connections, we can still recover.
  • Recovered files provided to you fast with a secure private download link. Get your recovered data/files/pictures fast, no need to wait for the post.
  • Recovery Turnaround is approximately 1 to 6 weeks from receiving your drive. Recovery speed depends on your drives condition and service centre workload.
  • Cost covers recovery of data and supply of a secure download link. Where the faulty drive is required to be returned, a $20 fee is payable.
  • Where a clean room recovery is required, we’ll refund and provide you with a link to purchase from one of our trusted clean room data recovery providers. You are purchasing a recovery option that will not involve the opening of the actual drive, where you believe a clean room recovery is required, please purchase one of the clean room services from our providers.

Note: Posting of your Hard Drive will be required by yourself and at your expense to the PC Medic Service Centre at 2A Station Street, Ringwood. Vic, 3134. Further instructions will be emailed to you after purchase, please follow all instructions provided.