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  • The DIY repairing of computers can be explosive

    You may of seen it on the news here and there, phones catching on fire, exploding batteries and severe burns from gadgets of all sorts with lithium-ion batteries. However, its now an issue with the common computer. First phones had batteries that were not removable and now most laptop computers, including Apple’s new Macbook Pro’s […]

  • Apple has almost finished building a space ship

    So, the title is far fetched, but Apple are building something big. Massive one would say. Its their new HQ, known as Apple Campus 2. Its referred to as ‘the spaceship’ due to its large doughnut shaped structure and large impact its made on the landscape. Here is some of the more notable features known […]

  • Apple has unleashed a teardown robot! Meet Liam

    Overnight the new iPhone 6 SE was released, a mini iPhone just like your old pre 6 phone, nothing too exciting but a welcome addition for a lot of Apple fans out there. A new, smaller iPad Pro, not so exciting but a good idea considering the original iPad pro is just far too large […]

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 3 – Creative Clothing

    As we wrap up our series on the rise and shear potential of wearable technology – from staying fit to changing the way we may interpret reality; soon even our clothing could soon do so much more in little or huge ways in both practical and fashionable ways. Whilst these new and near future innovations may seem to be something from […]

  • Making Tech Wearable: Part 2 – Fashionable Shades and Augmented Reality

    The recent rise in wrist-based wearable technology (as described in Part 1 of our series on Wearable Technology) perfectly demonstrates how tech can be easily and non-obtrusively integrated into everyday objects such as what we wear. However wearable technology is certainly not limited to wristwear, as the potential designs are quite exciting and could vastly improve our interactions with technology. An example of wearable tech that could have a wide range of applications are Heads Up Displays.

  • PC or Mac?

    The cause of many debates (or downright arguments) between users, the big question still remains. Which is better? PC or Mac? In the end, it really comes down to what one prefers. They are different systems, but they are still built on the same building blocks and perform the same functions. So, lets look at […]