Tech News

  • Electric Buses – Saving The Planet On The Daily Commute

    Electric Cars are predicted to take over the roads in the near future. Charging times are decreasing, while the range between charges is increasing. While many people are familiar with cars like the Tesla, why not buses? Transport in the future will rely heavily on tech to the point that traditional car, bus and truck […]

  • Australian Internet – Unnecessarily Slow?

    You’re watching a video or live stream online, and it’s constantly buffering or you’re having to watch what could be 4K quality in just 480p? Unfortunately this is the case for many average Australians, with excellent service often the exception.   The majority of Australians internet is still delivered via the ageing copper phone networks, […]

  • Tech vs Wild: Take Your Tech Further Than Ever Before

    Planning a trip abroad? Or just wanting that failsafe option to keep your devices on the go? These add-ons and accessories will help you get in touch with your adventurous side, whilst meeting your technology needs. Trekking both locally and internationally have become increasingly more popular in more recent times. While that used to mean either leaving […]

  • Apple has almost finished building a space ship

    So, the title is far fetched, but Apple are building something big. Massive one would say. Its their new HQ, known as Apple Campus 2. Its referred to as ‘the spaceship’ due to its large doughnut shaped structure and large impact its made on the landscape. Here is some of the more notable features known […]

  • The Modern Maker – High Tech Local Manufacturing

    We thought we would cover a topic not directly related to computers and software, but one that is more about a revolution that is taking place in manufacturing. We are talking about game changing technologies that are now priced so low that almost anyone can start a micro factory in their own home. The new […]

  • Choosing a web browser in 2016 – more choices than ever

    Whether you’re on your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or even TV; there are a variety of browsers at your fingertips which serve as your portal to the internet and all that it holds – even this article which you’re reading right now. Whilst the selection of browsers available on different platforms is wide, with multiple […]

  • Tesla PowerWall – Run Your Home on a Battery

    The acclaimed electric car manufacturer Tesla – founded by wildly successful entrepreneur Elon Musk – has recently released their latest development; not for the road, but for the home – the Tesla PowerWall. Here at PC Medic, we’re huge fans of Tesla and the ideal they are trying to achieve – high performance devices such as […]

  • Mechanical Keyboards: A Surprising Comeback

    We don’t think about them too much; but second only to the computer mouse (and arguably the touchscreen), the humble keyboard has been one of the primary means of interacting with electronic devices for entering and manipulating data & input. Even this article was created via the use of a keyboard – naturally.

    But how do they work?

  • Backing Up Part 2: Keeping it at home – Local Backup

    As the name suggests, local backup means that the data is stored locally. This means making use of some form of external storage device, such as an external hard drive or NAS (Network-attached Storage). The positive of using a local backup is that you are in control of the data. You aren’t relying on another company holding it for you, and you don’t need to rely on being online all of the time. The most basic way to backup data is to plug in an external USB hard drive and manually copy the data across. This is a lot of work though, and it’s very easy to forget or just start telling yourself that you’ll “do it next week”. Many external drives these days come with automatic software preinstalled on them, which you can utilise to automate the backup process. They are often proprietary pieces of software which all work a little differently (and possibly not exactly the way you want), but they’ll do the job if needed. You can also use the software built into the computer’s operating system to do