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Should you buy the new Macbook Air?

  1. Should I buy the new Macbook Air?

A lot of people are asking, should I get the new Macbook Air? Well it depends. Less than weeks since Apple released the all new Macbook Air the reviews and teardowns are rapidly appearing.

It looks like Apple will have a hit on their hands with the new Air. The only downside really is that they have pushed the price up like they have been with all other recent new products. So, price could be a big factor when deciding to upgrade.

Current Macbook Air’s are still excellent computers for web and general computer use, so if you have an older model, don’t stress you can get plenty of more life out of it yet. Apple will continue to release MacOS updates for your older Macbook Air for quite some time, so there is no rush. If you have an older Macbook Air or even a Macbook Pro Retina model, we suggest to hold on to it, maybe wait for the next refresh of the newly released Macbook Air as that tends to happen every 1 to 2 year. That way you will avoid any possible issues that may come to light with this new model (as experienced by buyers of the Macbook Pro’s released just over a year ago with various hardware issues).

For repairs, upgrades and advice for your existing Macbook Air, drop in to PC Medic, we’re happy to discuss the keep vs. buy new options. One last thing, keeping your existing computer is great for the environment and great for your bank balance!